Cells to Singularity is a idle game about the evolution of life on Earth and the history of human technology. Discover the origins of life, learn the history of science and civilization, and unlock the mysteries of the universe as you climb the Divine Tech Tree.

The inspiration for the game comes from watching countless television documentaries on all topics of science and history. Specifically James Burke's Connections (1978 BBC) which brings the invention of technology to life, with dark humor, dynamic photography and an elegant soundtrack. Another important series is The Shape of Life: The Story of the Animal Kingdom (2002 Sea Studios Foundation) it does a great job illustrating the early stages of evolution. Featuring sponges, jellyfish and worms using vivid 3D renderings and animation showing how early animals transform into new species over time.

I want to create a similar experience but in the younger medium of video games. The goal is to expose players to concepts like evolution and technological development using the a low barrier highly addictive game mechanic "idle game". Even the laziest player can have a good time and gain a new perspective while on the journey.

I hope you had a good time playing.

Andrew Garrahan
Game Designer 

Computer Lunch Games

Want to help with writing? We need scientific descriptions of all the items in the game if you interested in helping please contact us. Then after we finish the main copy we will need help with translations. We also need a game designer to tweak the numbers.